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If one were to describe me in a few words or less, let’s say an adjective per se, I think it would most certainly be: passionate. I am a very passionate individual who appreciates the finer things in life. Standing in at a confident 6’2, I’ve been told to possess strength, and when I look at you… they are with piercing blue eyes. You see I am a big fan of eye contact. They say the eyes are the windows to the soul, so I make it almost habitual to maintain eye contact with every potential client I come across. I’d like them to know they will always have my undivided attention… and unwavering devotion.

My conversational decorum is witty at best, and I confess to being a sucker for red wine. In addition to my guilty pleasure, I’ve always had this brilliant fascination with what exactly makes the female sex, tick. It started years ago… the questions were always there… “What is it about the arch in the back, or the curves of the hips that makes women so graceful?” No matter the depiction… tall or short, slim or not so thin, white, black, brunette, curly, or natural; I’ve always had this unconditional adoration and respect towards women. I love women. In all shapes, race and form.

If this is the first occasion that you have considered contacting a male escort  then I recommend that you peruse the content of my Perth Gigolo web site, as it should hopefully answer many of the burning questions I’m sure you have regarding hiring a straight male escort, for that special occasion…

When making your initial contact by text message (0481 347 830) please include as much details about yourself and what you are looking for as you can. It is very frustrating to get a text from someone I’ve never met that says, “Are you available tonight?” Let me know who you are, where you are from and when, where and for how long you would like to meet. I recommend 2 hours or more.